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February 27
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   There once were two girls, 
One small, one tall, 
One strong, one weak, 
Both were as opposites as opposites can be. 

   One day the two broke into quarrel,
The tall one swore on her father's gun barrel, 
She'd never be friends with the small girl again. 
The quarrel broke out over a few nicks and scratches,
That the small strong one inflicted on the taller girl. 
That quarrel ended with a cigarette light, 
The tall one smoked to take the stress away. 

   The two stumbled over their lives, 
They couldn't keep balance, 
The short one spent her savings away, to college that is,
All in a few gambling days.
She fought with her mother, who made her go to school,
Despite the fact she skipped class, and was considered "cool."
The tall one broke her leg in self loathing one night, 
Her brother then took it and beat it with a knife. 
Her daddy wasn't home, her mother dead,
Her days of living all filled with dread. 

   Each one tunneled into life's biggest traps,
The short one to gambling, 
The tall one to self inflicted pain and cigarettes.
The short one wasted her life at the smoked filled bars,
Holding her change she got from trading her car, 
Then she lost it all in only a few impulsed bets.
The tall one stumbled like a drunkard at three,
Her body so weak from the blood she had loss.
Her bruised, bloody kneecaps stunk of age,
She was so young yet looked in her sixties.
Each one had dealt the hand and crumbled under life, 
The problems each had threatened to collapse at any moment. 

   One night at a bar, somewhere somehow, 
The short one come across the tall one in town. 
Still so different, the two still opposites, 
They now had something in common, 
Each had a challenge to face. 

   For as opposite as they were, 
Each one discovered, 
They were the missing link to each in life.
Though it wasn't immediately that their problems fled,
They saw each other as the light in their dread. 
Make of this poem what you will. 
Godess-of-Art Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Aww, I almost started to tear up, troughout reading this.
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